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Sharon's First Spanking

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Username: claudmc

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Posted on Tuesday, May 22, 2007 - 09:11 am:   Edit Post

Sharon’s First Spanking

This is the story of the night I gave my wife’s best friend a spanking, and I’m not talking about a few swats on a jean-covered bottom. Sharon got a full punishment spanking on her bare behind with my hand, a wooden paddle, and a strap. In fact, she was completely nude when I spanked her, and the punishment session lasted over two hours. My wife, Jane, watched and assisted the whole time, and even encouraged me to spank harder at one point. Sharon’s backside was just as red and she cried just as much as when I spank my wife – I’m an equal opportunity spanker.

I bet you are wondering how this came to happen. Well, my name is Bob, and as I’ve said, I’m married to Jane. We’re both twenty-six years old and have been married for three years. For the last two of those years, I’ve spanked my wife on a regular basis for various offenses, usually immature behavior involving money.

I come from a spanking family. My dad spanked my three sisters, my mom, and me. I was a pretty good kid and got my last spanking when I was twelve. But my oldest sister got her butt blistered at the age of nineteen when she came home drunk from a frat party one night while in college. Dad always spanked us on the bare and in front of the rest of the family. He reasoned that the embarrassment of this reinforced the pain of the spanking. I never saw him spanking my mom, but I heard a lot of her punishments, and my parents had no problem with talking about her spankings in front of us children.

My wife, Jane, was an only child, and her parents never used corporal punishment. However, my family’s spanking practices fascinated her. I heard her talking several times with my mom and sisters about their spankings during out visits. At least twice, she was present when my dad gave one of my sisters a spanking, once with a belt, and once with a paddle. So during our second year of marriage, when Jane bounced checks for three months in a row, I told her I was going to spank her. She didn’t look surprised and just nodded her head while making no objections at all. She told me later that she knew this needed to happen some day because of her immature behavior, and that she had been ready for it. She’s been getting about a spanking a month ever since.

Sharon and her husband, David, are our best friends. We met them during college, and they got married just a few months after we did. We live close to them and the four of us get together at least once a week. David and I are close, but Jane and Sharon are even closer and tell each other everything. I’m sure that Sharon found out about Jane’s first spanking the very next day. Just like Jane, both Sharon and David grew up in families that didn’t spank.

For the last year, David and Sharon have been having more and more arguments about money matters. They both have good jobs, but never seem able to make ends meet. Bounced checks, late payment fees, phone calls from creditors during dinner, and rising credit card debt have been putting a real strain on their marriage. I’ve always taken care of the finances for my family, but they both come from families where the wife was in charge of paying bills and so forth. So most of their problems come from the way Sharon has been handling their money. She knows that, and David knows that.

Come to find out, last month Sharon broke down in tears and asked her husband to spank her for the lousy job she was doing. She confessed to being a compulsive spender, and said she thought that a good spanking like the ones Jane got from me might help her to break the habit. Apparently, Bob had never heard about Jane’s spankings, and the idea hit him like a ton of bricks. After thinking about it for a long time, he flatly refused and said he just couldn’t do it.

When Sharon told Jane about this, my creative little wife told her to come over and get a spanking from me. I don’t know where she got that idea. Jane and I had never discussed this possibility even though we had agreed several times that David should give Sharon a good hard spanking for her behavior.

Sharon quickly answered that she could never do that, but during the next two weeks, she began talking over the idea with her husband. During this time, David and I had several long conversations about spanking in general and about how I spanked Jane in particular.

At the end of those two weeks, David still refused to spank his wife, but started encouraging Sharon to let me punish her. She was still reluctant and I think her modesty was the biggest obstacle. She knew that I always spanked Jane on the bare, and she just couldn’t imagine herself pulling down her panties for a spanking from me. Another week passed, and then this morning Jane got a call from Sharon asking if she could come over tonight for a spanking. Jane immediately called me at work, and I agreed. The scene was set.

From the very first, Jane and I had decided that if it ever happened, she would be present the entire time. Sharon is a very attractive young woman, and none of us wanted anything of a sexual nature to happen. I love my wife with all my heart and I would never cheat on her. I think David and Sharon feel the same way. But avoiding temptation is always a good policy.

When Jane and I got home from work, we prepared a nice meal, while talking about how I should spank Sharon. We agreed that it should be severe enough to leave her sore for several days, and as embarrassing as possible. The two of us decided on a hand spanking to get her started, then a paddling with a wooden paddle for as long as she could take it, and finally a strapping. Also, Sharon would be completely naked the whole time for maximum embarrassment.

Around eight, I heard a car pulling into our driveway. A little later, the doorbell rang and Jane went to answer it. It really was Sharon; she hadn’t chickened out. I think I mentioned it before, but Sharon is a real knock out in the looks department. She’s about five foot four, slim, has beautiful long auburn hair, a light complexion, high perky breasts, a nice round ass, beautiful eyes, and a five-hundred watt smile. It looked to me like she was still wearing what she had worn to work - a short blue skirt, a tight fitting white blouse, and blue high heels. I think my wife is even more beautiful, but in a real contest, it would be a close call. Don’t tell my wife I said that. I always tell Jane that she is much more beautiful than Sharon is.

Sharon wasn’t using that bright smile of hers tonight. She wouldn’t meet my eyes, and she talked in a hushed, little-girl voice that I had never heard her use before as she greeted us. Per our agreement that maximum embarrassment should be a part of the punishment, when she entered our main room, I stood up and said, “Hi, Sharon, what can we do for you tonight?”

She quickly looked at me and then just as quickly looked down at the floor. I stood there and didn’t say another word. She looked at Jane, then back down. Finally, after about forty-five seconds of absolute silence, she whispered, “I’ve come for my spanking,” while still looking down.

“What was that? I could barely hear you,” I teased.

By this time, I could see she was starting to tremble. Jane gently reached out and put her hand on Sharon’s shoulder. “Come on, you know you need to do this,” Jane said in her sweetest voice.

After another thirty seconds or so, Sharon raised her head and looked me in the face as she said in a normal voice, “I’ve come for my spanking. Please spank me for my bad behavior just like you spank Jane.”

She was still shaking and there were tears forming in her eyes, but I could see a look of determination as well. “Let’s all sit down and talk about this,” I said.

Jane and I sat on the couch and Sharon sat in the chair closest to us. I began, “Tell me why you need a spanking, Sharon.”

“I keep spending too much money.” Her voice broke as she said this, and tears started flowing down here cheeks.

Jane stood up and said, “Come sit on the couch between us while I get some tissues.”

I should have mentioned before just how close the four of us are. David and I are very affectionate with each other’s wife. We hug them, hold their hands, and kiss them on the cheek all the time. Several times, we have vacationed together and shared a hotel room to hold down on expenses. I’ve never seen Sharon naked, but I have caught a glimpse of her wearing only a bra and panties. I know that when she is very tired, she sometimes lightly snores, and that David farts a lot. So it was perfectly natural for me to put my arm around Sharon when she sat down next to me and for her to lay her head on my shoulder as she cried. Jane returned with a box of tissues, blotted Sharon’s eyes, and wiped her nose before passing her the box.

“Ok, Sharon, you need to tell me in detail why you are going to get spanked,” I said. “I want you to describe each thing you are doing wrong and associate that behavior with the spanking you are about to receive. Hopefully, the next time you are tempted to repeat that behavior, the memory of this spanking will help prevent you from doing it.”

“Well, I don’t always record in the register all the checks I write. So every month there are checks on the bank statement that I have forgotten about. If those checks are large enough, they bounce or cause other checks to bounce later on. The bank subtracts a fee of $25.00 from the checking account for each bounced check, and sometimes that causes even more checks to bounce if I don’t run down to the bank with some cash fast enough. It seems like an endless circle. However, I went by the bank today and adjusted my register to match their records. So right now we agree on how much is in the checking account, and tomorrow I can start making sure it stays that way.”

I nodded as I said, “That sounds good. You can make a fresh new start tomorrow after I punish you tonight for all the bounced checks in the past. Every time you start to write a check, try to record it first as you remember tonight’s spanking. And if a check ever bounces again, you will come back over here for a refresher lesson, right?”

Sharon’s eyes got bigger as she took a large swallow. I don’t think the idea of getting a follow-up spanking had occurred to her. She was thinking of tonight as a one-shot deal. But I knew she would have to admit to herself the possibility of getting spanked again for this to work. One spanking has never made a permanent change in someone’s behavior to the best of my knowledge.

“Yes, I guess so,” she answered very tentatively.

“Great, what else have you been doing that deserves a spanking?”

“When David and I first started using credit cards, we agreed to pay off the balance each month on the Visa card we use for dining out, household items, and personal expenses. Large ticket items would go on our MasterCard account, and we would agree on how much to pay each month on that account. No other big ticket items would be bought until the previous one had been paid off.”

“That sounds like a great plan,” I commented. “What went wrong?”

“Well, about eighteen months ago, there wasn’t enough money to pay the Visa bill in full because of some bounced checks. Ever since then, we have been carrying a balance, which means finance charges. Then a couple of times my checks to Visa bounced, so there were fees from them for that as well as from the bank. By the time they received another check from me, that month’s payment had missed the deadline, so they would add on a late payment fee, too. After that happened for three months in a row, they raised our interest rate to 21%. I was too embarrassed to tell David about all this and so couldn’t ask him if we could withdraw money from our saving account to pay it off. I knew if I quit using the card and paid cash for everything, I could pay off the card in just a few months. But, I found myself unable to do that. I kept using the card, and the balance kept growing every month. A few more months like this last one and we will be at out credit limit. I finally came clean with David last week, and he paid off the Visa balance with some of our savings. We’ve come up with an amount that we will deposit each month back into our savings account until it is back up to where it was. And I’m not to use the card again until then.”

“Once again, you two have come up with an excellent plan,” I said. “So tonight’s spanking is also for overspending on the Visa card, which resulted in not being able to pay off the balance each month as your husband thought you were doing. And if you use the card before the savings have been replaced, you will come see me for another spanking, right?”

Sharon was silent for several moments as she looked at the floor. Finally, with a soft, trembling voice she said, “Yes, I can see now that it has to be done that way for this to really work.”

“Good, anything else?”

“No, bounced checks and overspending on the credit card are the two things that caused our financial problems, which then led to all those arguments and our marital problems,” she said. “I take full responsibility for that and want you to punish me just like you would Jane if she had done those things.”

“Very well, Jane and I have discussed this and agree that there are two factors in a spanking. The most important is the pain it causes, but the embarrassment you feel helps you remember the spanking clearer and for a longer time. You are going to have to trust me that you won’t receive any lasting injury tonight even though it’s going to hurt like hell and you may think at times that you’re going to die. Your behind will be very bruised before I’m finished with you, and sitting down will not be a pleasant experience for several days. But you will recover. Also, we will try to make your spanking as embarrassing as we can. You just have to trust us that this is for the best. Are you absolutely certain that you want to continue? Once we start there’s no safe word, no backing out. But you will only be getting what my wife has received many times over the years.”

Sharon just sat there for a while. After a few moments, she looked at my wife and then at me as she said, “I’ve never been spanked, so I have no idea what it’s going to feel like, or how much it’s going to hurt. And tonight has already been one of the most embarrassing nights of my life. But I’ve seen all the good that spankings have done for Jane, and I want that for myself. I’ve tried every thing I could think of and nothing has worked. You are my last hope. Please give me the spanking I deserve.”

By the time she finished this little speech, tears were rolling down her cheeks again. I was convinced she was sincere. I looked over at Jane, and we gave each other a small nod. It was time to begin.

“Ok, Sharon,” I said as I stood up, “strip and place your clothes on that table over there.”

A wild look came into her eyes as she stood and asked, “Everything?”

“You know very well that I always spank Jane on a bare behind,” I replied. “For serious offenses, it’s usually in the nude. This will be more embarrassing than just lifting your skirt and pulling down your panties. Now get moving.”

I punctuated that last word with a full arm swat to Sharon’s little rump. She squealed and ran over to the table. She had no trouble taking off her blouse, then his skirt, and then her shoes. But the panty hose she was wearing were more of a problem. She started shucking them off with her back to me, while making sure her panties didn’t slip down with them. My wife always sits down to take off her panty hose, but I guess Sharon thought she had to do it standing up by the table, so I just let her.

Finally, she finished taking them off and laid them on the table. Then she very slowly started folding up her skirt and blouse. I knew she was just delaying the next part, but I let her get away with it. Eventually, she couldn’t think of anything else to do except turn around and face us. She had one arm over her bra and the other over the crotch of her panties.

“Place your hands on your head and slowly turn all the way around for us,” I commanded.

Her face turned red, but she removed her arms and did as told. She was wearing a lacy, black set of very sexy bra and panties. The bra cupped her breasts just right and held them high. Her panties were bikini style and revealed a lot of skin. She was pretty enough to be a model.

After a slow 360-degree turn, she was facing us again. I could see goose bumps on her arms and thighs. Tears were slowing falling from her face to the floor. I just let her stand there until she was ready to continue. She took at least a full minute, but eventually her hands moved behind her back as she unfastened her bra. She pulled it over her shoulders and placed it on the table behind her. She did it ever so slowly because she was reluctant, but the effect was as good as a high-priced stripper. I made no attempt to hide my erection. Guys will be guys.

Her breasts were even better than I had imagined. I don’t like large breasts that look artificial, or that hang down. Hers were magnificent, their size in perfect proportion to her small frame. They stood up firmly with no sag even without the bra. They were symmetrical and had nice pink nipples in the center. If it was possible to blush even more, Sharon did so as she saw me staring at them. Her cheeks and neck were both a rosy red now.

When I had looked to my hearts content, I gave her a big smile then pointed at the panties. She gradually lowered them down her legs to her knees, then to her ankles as she gracefully stepped out of them. She bent over to pick them up, and then laid them on the table on top of her bra. As I said before, she did this with such pose and in such slow motion, that strippers would be hard pressed to improve on her performance. But Jane and I both knew Sharon wasn’t coming on to me. She just had to force herself second by second to perform this very unnatural and humiliating act. I admired her fortitude.

I know that most younger women shave their pubic hair these days. Jane keeps hers neatly trimmed and has used a variety of styles over the years. I was surprised to see that Sharon was shaved completely, her mons as bare as a child’s. Without my having to ask, she did a slow turn. Her derriere was as perfect as her breasts. The cheeks of her behind were soft looking but not flabby, well rounded, and in perfect proportion to her tiny waist and slim legs.

After enjoying the view for some time, I told her that her punishment would be in three phases. “First, I’m going to sit in that straight chair over there, which I brought in from the dining room. You are going to lie across my lap and I’m going to give you a long, hard hand spanking.”

Putting my words into action, I walked over to Sharon and took her hand. I led her to the chair and sat down. I patted my lap as I said, “Bend over my lap and put your full weight on it. Don’t try to hold yourself up with your hands and feet, just use them for balance.”

For someone assuming this position for the first time she did very well. She was a little awkward but soon realized that by knelling somewhat, she could drape herself over my lap without falling on her face. I adjusted her position until it felt just right and without further ado, gave her behind a firm spank on the upper part of her right cheek. She jerked a little but didn’t make a sound. I followed that with a similar spank to same spot on her left cheek. I continued this pattern of alternating cheeks after each swat as I slowly moved from the top of her buttocks to the crease. After about the tenth one, she started making little noises after almost every spank. Usually, it was an “Ow,” but sometimes it would be an “Oh,” or an “Ouch.” I was surprised at how vocal she was getting this early in the spanking. I usually had to spank Jane for several minutes before she utters her first moan. But then I remembered that this was Sharon’s first spanking and so her hiney might be more sensitive to pain than Jane’s was.

Sharon had been crying before the first spank landed, but the weeping and the moans got progressively louder as the spanking continued. After twenty or thirty good hard swats, she put her right hand back to protect her rear. I gently moved it back to the floor as I patiently explained, “My hand has develop a great tolerance for hitting a soft female behind. But my hand striking your hand could easily hurt one or both of us, so don’t put your hand back there again.”

She just nodded her head, unable to speak through the sobbing. I continued my slow, rhythmic spanking, but with a little added twist. Instead of letting my hand bounce off her butt each time, I kept it in contact with her skin after the swat. Sometimes I would grab the flesh of her buttock and give it a squeeze or a shake. This provides variety and changes the pain sensations. Jane hates it when I do this and I imagine Sharon did too. I also made each slap harder since there was a longer period between them. The short “Ow’s” turned into long drawn out ones, and the crying intensified.

By this time, I had gone from top to bottom and back again, on each buttock at least ten times. Sharon stopped her crying long enough to beg, “Please, isn’t that enough?”

“Well, since this is your first spanking, I guess I’ll leave that part of your anatomy alone for a while. But no hand spanking of mine can be finished without some attention to your sit spot and upper thighs. Those areas are more sensitive, so hang on tight, my dear; these next ones are really going to sting.”

I proceeded to pepper her crease and upper thighs with quick hard swats, five at a time before switching to the other cheek. “Ow, ow, ow,” she screamed before the first set was finished. By the third set, she was bucking and kicking her legs and doing her best to slide off my lap. I wasn’t going to allow that.

“Sharon, you can scream and cry as loudly as you want, but you’re going to take this spanking like the grown woman you are without all the fighting and squirming. Stand up.”

I helped her to her feet and Jane came over to steady her. I moved over to the couch and sat down in the middle of it. “Come over here and lie down full length over my lap. We’re going to make it easier for you to hold your position.”

Jane led Sharon to me and helped her get across my lap. “Turn your head to the side and put both hands underneath it. Ok, now stretch out your legs and keep them as tightly together as you can. That’s it. Now, Jane, stand at the end of the couch and grab her ankles. Hold them tightly enough to keep her from kicking. Sharon, I’m going to give you five more sets of five spanks on each side for a total of fifth swats. After each set I will announce the number. You are not to fight me or kick you legs or move your hands until I have said, “Five.” If you do, that set won’t count. Understand the rules?”

“Yes, but please, don't spank so hard down there.”

“Sharon, I’m only spanking as hard as it takes to get the job done and no harder that I spank Jane. Get ready.”

As the rapid-fire swats began, she screamed and cried out “Ow, ow, ow, ow,” louder than ever. But she didn’t fight me or try to flail her legs. I was very proud of her. I delivered the last of the first set of ten smacks and said, “One.” After five more good ones on each buttock, I called out, “Two.” She maintained her position through sets three and four. However, during the fifth set, her hands flew back to her bottom as she furiously tried to rub away some of the sting. “We would have been done in just a few more seconds. Now, I have to repeat that set.”

“No, no,” she bawled, I can’t take any more.”

“You will be surprised just how much more you can take tonight,” I said as I grabbed her arms.

Her wrists were so tiny that I could easily hold both of them in my left hand. So with me holding her hands in the small of her back, and Jane still holding her legs, I prepared to deliver the fifth set again. I changed my style and made the last five spanks on each thigh much slower and harder. I also picked out a spot on each of her thighs and made sure that all five smacks to that side landed on the exact same spot. By the third one of these on her right thigh, she realized what I was doing and yelled, “Ow, ow, not the same spot, please, not the same spot.”

Of course, I ignored her and spanked her left thigh the same way. After the last swat, I continued to hold her wrists in place. “Just lie still and feel the burn for a while,” I said.

Slowly her crying lessened and her breathing returned to normal. After a few minutes, I started rubbing her behind and thighs like I always do for Jane. Suddenly it dawned on me that doing this for Sharon might not be appropriate. I cast a worried look at Jane, but she just smiled and nodded her approval. I’m not sure which was more embarrassing for Sharon – having me rub her bottom or later on doing it herself in front of us. I certainly enjoyed doing it for her the best.

“That’s the end of phase one of your spanking” I said after about two minutes of rubbing. “Before we start phase two let’s all take a break. Sharon, go wash your face in the rest room while Jane and I prepare a light snack and get us something to drink.”

Sharon was a sorry sight as she rubbed her buttocks and thighs all the way down the hallway to the quest bathroom. Her bottom was bright red, and I could even tell that it hurt her to walk, but there was no bruising. That would change when I used the paddle.

She returned after about five minutes. She had stopped crying completely, had washed all the streaked makeup off her face, and seemed to be making a good psychological comeback. She gingerly sat down with us in our little breakfast nook. “I think I’ll be sleeping on my stomach, tonight,” she giggled as she took a sip of iced tea.

Jane shook her head. “You may not believe it, but if that was all of your spanking, your behind would be back to normal in just a couple of hours. It’s almost as if the bottom was designed for spanking,” she laughed. “It’s only those spanks on your sit spot that you felt when you sat down just down, and even those would be gone before bed time if we stopped now. That’s why Bob is going to use a paddle on your butt for the next part of your spanking. I know for a fact that you can feel a hard paddling for several days.”

“I can’t imagine anything hurting worse than the spanking I just got, especially those last five sets. But you’re the pro, Jane, and I’m sure you’re right.”

As we finished our snacks and drinks, I explained the next phase. “You’re going to bend over that table where your clothes are, and then reach out with both hands and grasp the edge of the table on the other side. I want your legs shoulder-width apart and for you to rise up on your tiptoes. Only when you are in the correct position will I give you a swat with the paddle. You can rub or even run around the room after every swat if you want, but you don’t get the next one until you are back in position. Jane will tell you from experience that it’s best to get it over with as quickly as possible. I’m going to give you between thirty and fifty licks, depending on how easily you bruise. When we’re down to the last ten, I’ll have you count them. Any questions? No? Ok, go get into position.”

At first, I had planned on using the bath brush from our favorite mail order store in Vermont. Even their catalog was tongue in cheek about that brush. It shows a nude female in a bathtub as she scrubs her back, but the caption reads, “It always hits the spot.” I bet people buy a lot more of those brushes for spanking than for bathing.

However, since the bath brush hits only one buttock at a time, it takes longer to achieve the desired effect. Last year, Jane and I found an old-fashioned school paddle at an antique store. It’s long enough to cover both cheeks at once, so I decided that was what I would use on Sharon. I had placed it out of sight, so when I returned with it in my hand, Sharon eyes got huge and she shook her head as if to say, “What have I gotten myself into?”

Jane had already moved Sharon’s clothes to the right side of the table. “Move as far to the left side of the table as you can,” I instructed. “I need to be able to adjust my angle of attack. Move your legs a little wider apart. That’s it. Now up on tiptoe. Ok, that’s the position you need to be in before I’ll give you a swat. We’re not going to hold you down for these. You’ll have to make yourself stay in position or get back into position on your own. But let me warn you that this paddle is going to bruise. The longer there is between swats, the more the later strokes will hurt because the bruising from the earlier strokes will be worse.”

I’m sure she also knew that in this position, Jane and I had a perfect view of her pussy and anus. But by this time, Sharon was much more concerned about her spanking than about her modesty. I touched her behind with the paddle several times and each time she jumped. I figured that she had waited long enough for this first stroke, so I drew back my arm and gave her a hard swat across the center of her behind.

Immediately she jumped up. “Shit, that really hurts,” she said as she vigorously rubbed the freshly reddened area. “I can’t take thirty of those, much less fifty,” she pleaded.

I just stood there and waited for her to get back into position. When she finally did so, I landed another swat just slightly lower than the first. “Ow,” she screamed out, but didn’t let go of the table this time. Since I couldn’t strike her too high on the butt for fear of hitting her tailbone, and since I refused to strike her on the thighs with this type of paddle, there was a limited target area. Because of the width of the paddle, this meant that the middle area was hit almost every time. That’s one reason a paddling is so painful – essentially the same area is getting spanked each stroke.

However, I had learned that by adjusting my position slightly, I could cause the bulk of a paddle blow to land squarely on both cheeks, or to favor one check or the other. Both cheeks get hit every time, but with differing amounts of emphasis. I decided that for Sharon’s benefit, I would move after every five blows. Sometimes it’s hard to keep track, but this time, Jane was counting for me and was going to hold up five fingers when it was time to switch. For the third stroke, I moved a little lower again, but now I had run out of room. The fourth and fifth swats had to be delivered on the same spots I had used for the first and second ones. Sharon maintained her position very well during these strokes. She quickly rubbed a couple of times, but remained bent over the table. She kept forgetting to stay on her tiptoes, but when the next blow didn’t come for several moments, she would finally remember. Making her stand that way while bent over caused her to arch her back and stick out her butt more. These first five swats had all landed equally on both cheeks. Her behind had still been red from the hand spanking when we started this phase. However, it was already a deeper red and you could see a small bruise forming in the center of each cheek.

Jane held up five fingers and I adjusted my position so that the right cheek would feel more of the blow than the left for the next five. I lifted my arm to shoulder height and gave her a good hard swat. Maybe, I overdid it, because she screamed, “Ow, ow, ow,” and jumped up from the table. When she had rubbed before, it was always on both cheeks. But this time she was only rubbing her right buttock. Obviously, changing my position had the desired effect. When she got back into position, I gave her another hard stroke. She cried out but remained in position. I think the fact that every spank was hurting a little more than the previous ones was starting to sink in. She continued to stay put with no rubbing for the third, fourth, and fifth blows of the set. By this time, she was sobbing so hard she could hardly breathe, but she kept holding her position like a real trooper. There was a wet spot on the table from all her tears.

Jane signaled me that it was time to switch again. As I took a moment to change my position, Sharon used the time to rub both cheeks vigorously. The next five would hit her left buttock harder than her right. Just like before, the sensation of getting that first blow on a new spot caused Sharon to jump up from the table. In a pleading voice she cried, “Please, please, Bob, I really can’t take any more of this.” I just stood there as if I hadn’t heard a word she said. She walked around the room for at least a full minute, rubbing her left buttock the whole time, but finally moved back into position. Her breathing was getting so ragged that I decided we would take a short break after these next four. She screamed out, “Ow,” and wiggled her behind a lot after each of these next stokes. After the fifth one, it even looked like she was dancing a little jig while still bent over the table. I was a little concerned about how badly the paddle had bruised her after only fifteen swats. I knew she wasn’t play-acting in the least about how much the paddle was hurting her.

When I told Sharon we were going to take a short break now, she fell to the floor and got into the fetal position. She was weeping so hard it made her look like she was shivering as she rocked herself back and forth. Jane knelt down beside her and stroked her hair as she said, “There’s not much longer to go, baby.”

We both realized that Sharon was bruising much quicker than we thought she would. I knelt down also and rubbed Sharon’s shoulder and back. “You’re being such a brave little girl while getting your first spanking. I’m very proud of you and will tell David how well you took it.”

When Sharon’s crying started tapering off and her breathing slowed down, I pulled her to her feet. “Bend over and touch your toes while Jane and I assess the damage.”

She instantly obeyed just as a well-behaved child would. Jane and I pinched and poked each half of her behind to see how bad the bruising was. Sharon stiffened from the pain, but didn’t utter a sound as she continued to touch her toes. Her behind looked as bad after fifteen swats, as Jane’s would look after forty. “Jane, I think ten more strokes is all she needs. What do you think?”

Sharon burst out in tears again. She must have thought her paddling was over.

I realized I was putting Jane on the spot. How could she say, “No, I think she needs more than ten,” with her best friend standing right there.

But Jane was truthful. “If they are laid on hard enough, ten more should do it. That will only be twenty-five and not the thirty to fifty you promised her. But you can see that she bruises easier that I do or else your hand spanking did more damage than we thought. Or maybe it’s just because it’s her first spanking.”

“Ok, Sharon, you heard that. Get back into position for the last ten. You will have to count each one of these before I’ll continue as well as be in the correct position. So if you remain in position, you determine when the next smack will land by how fast or how slow you say the count. And remember that these next ten are the ones that will hurt the worst and cause you to be sore for several days. Be ready for that.”

She slowly got back into position, and I stood in the spot for giving swats that landed equally on each cheek. I noticed that her legs were trembling, so I reached over and stroked the backs of her thighs. Jane move to the other side of the table and stood near Sharon’s head as she held one of her hands.

I stepped back into position and let fly a full swing that connected with a resounding crack. Sharon stayed in position and immediately screamed out “One,” so I immediately gave her another firm spank right across the middle of her backside. She was already crying just as hard as she had been before our last break. It was hard to understand her count of “Two,” but of course I knew what she meant.

The bruises on her behind now looked like bull’s eye marks. This is the typical type of bruising left by a hard paddling. The very center of each cheek gets it the worse. The areas above and below, and to the right and left of center don’t bruise quite as much. I swung again. This time, she released Jane’s hand and reached back to rub. It took her a long time to get back into position and she held off on counting for a while. She was so dreading what was going to happen when she announced the count, that it took all her will power to say, “Three.”

I didn’t realize it at the time, but I held back on strokes four and five. Sharon was reacting more and more after each blow, and I was starting to feel sorry for her. When she sang out, “Five,” Jane motioned for me to meet her in the back corner of the room.

“Those last two were not hard enough, Bob,” she announced in an angry whisper. “These are the ones she will remember when she goes to bounce that check or use that credit card. Make them count for her sake.”

I knew Jane was speaking from experience and I vowed to make the last five as hard as I could swing. If Sharon remained sore for three or four days, maybe she would make a real change in her behavior. I returned to the table and let fly the hardest swat of the evening. Sharon fell to her knees and beat on the floor with her fists while crying out, “No more, no more.”

Jane and I just ignored her behavior and waited for her to stand and bend back over the table. It was at least two minutes before she did so and announced, “Six.”

“Trust me, the quicker the better at this stage,” Jane said as she patted Sharon’s head.

Seven, eight, and nine came quickly as she remained bent over and counted out the strokes within seconds of it landing. I helped her along by giving her the next swat as soon as she counted. They were just as hard and doing just as much damage to her poor behind, but psychologically they were easier to take just as Jane had said they would be.
But I stopped when Sharon counted, “Nine.” The last stroke is traditionally the hardest, so I pumped myself up for giving it. I patted her bottom with the paddle several times, and took careful aim. I twisted back from the waist, then pivoted and swung with my full arm and shoulder. That last one sounded like the crack of gunfire. After it, she just lay limply over the table, too exhausted to react. Jane went to get some cream that we use after a severe punishment and I got a wet rag. As I was wiping her tear streaked face, and Jane was gently rubbing a soothing cream on her ravished behind, Sharon lifted her head and softly said, “Ten.” Jane and I both started laughing and I said, “That’s my girl.”

The tension was broken and I saw a small smile appear on Sharon’s face. We ministered to her for at least five minutes before we helped her off the table and over to the couch so she would be more comfortable. She lay on her stomach as Jane continued the soft massage and I went to pour each of us another glass of iced tea..

Sharon was quiet and slowly drank her tea until all of a sudden she lifted her head and looked at me with a worried look on her face. “Ah, you just remembered that I said your spanking would have three phases, didn’t you,” I asked.

She gave me an embarrassed grin and nodded her head. “For phase three, I’m going to make you get into two of the most embarrassing positions a woman can get into. Then I’m going to spank a part of your body that hasn’t been touched tonight – your inner thighs, and I will be using a new implement – a strap. It’s going to hurt a lot because that is a super sensitive area, but it won’t last as long as the hand spanking or the paddling did, and I won’t be spanking areas that have already been spanked tonight. You may have to walk a little bow legged the rest of the evening, but that will be about it. Take your time and finish your drink, then stand up when you’re ready.”

I went to the den and got an ottoman we keep in there. I carried it back to the main room then went to our bedroom to get the strap. It’s very soft and supple from prolonged use. My dad gave it to me when Jane mentioned during a visit that she was now getting spankings from me. He used this same strap on the rest of the family when I was growing up.

When I returned with it, Sharon was standing and seemed ready to proceed. “Lie down with your back on the ottoman and your legs sticking up in the air. Good. Now place you hands behind your knees and pull your legs as close to your chest and as far apart as you can. Come on, you can do better than that. Great, now hold that position. Some people call this the “diaper” position for obvious reasons. However, I call it the “look at my pussy and butthole position.” You know that Jane and I have a great view of those most intimate areas while you’re in this position, don’t you?”

“Yes, Bob, I am perfectly aware of that,” she said as her face and neck flushed the brightest red of the night and her embarrassment reach a new high. At this point, it was hard to tell which was the redder, the cheeks above her waist, or the cheeks below her waist.

“I’m going to spank you with my hand before I apply the strap.” I started spanking the inside of her left thigh. The slaps weren’t as hard as the ones I had given her on her rear end because this area is so much more sensitive. But Jane assures me than even a light hand spanking in this area can be very painful. I wasn’t counting my strokes this time, I was just going to spank until her inner thighs were a nice shade of pink from her knees to her crotch. I was careful not to actual spank her pussy, but I got mighty close. After several trips up and down her thigh, I had the color I wanted. Sharon was crying again and starting to moan after each slap. I twisted around so I could spank her left thigh and did the same thing. She now looked like she was sun burned down there.

“Ok, it’s time for the strap.”

I delivered a hard, stinging blow to the inner part of her right thigh down near her knee. “Ow, that really hurts, Bob,” she sobbed.

“I know, honey. Try to remember these next strokes each time you are tempted to use your credit card.”

Sharon’s arms and legs were starting to shake from the strain of maintaining the difficult position. Jane came over and placed her hands over Sharon’s hands to help relieve some of the pressure. “Hang in there, girl, you’re going to make it.”

Once again, I wasn’t going to count the strokes. I just wanted to see the pink areas of her inner thighs turn red. I figured it would only take a couple of firm swats to bring this about and I was right. After the second spank near her knee, that area was the correct color so I moved a little higher. It was interesting to see the pink area getting smaller and smaller and the red area getting bigger and bigger as I moved up her thigh. Soon, I was as close to her crotch as I wanted to get. She was screaming after each stroke again, and it sounded like the pitch of the yells was getting higher and higher. She should have been hoarse by now, but I guess she had a great set of vocal cords - just like the rest of her body.

This was the only position I used where I could see her whole face as I spanked her. A few times, she looked me in the eye, but mostly she stared at the ceiling or closed her eyes. Her beautiful face was mottled with red splotches and covered with tears. She looked more miserable than a cold, wet puppy.

I couldn’t twist around and spank her left thigh with the strap as I had with my hand. Instead, I swung from my left in a backhand motion. I wasn’t quite as accurate in the placement of the strokes, and I knew from tennis that my backhand wasn’t as powerful as my forehand. But in this case, it really didn’t matter. My backhand was strong enough to get the job done, and I didn’t strike as close to her pussy because of the accuracy issue. When her left inner thigh was the same shade of red as her right one I gently said, “That’s it for this position, Sharon.”

I helped her stand up and she spread her legs apart then bent over and started rubbing the insides of her thighs. I let her rub for as long as she wanted. Her nose was running from all the crying so Jane came over with a fresh wet cloth and cleaned her up while Sharon kept rubbing her aching thighs.

When she finished rubbing, she look so wretched that I just had to give her a hug. When I released her, I started giving her the next set of instructions. “Put your knees on the ottoman, then lean forward and place your hands flat on the floor. Now spread your legs as far apart as the ottoman will allow. Keep going, please; you have several more inches on each side. There, that’s perfect”

My wife has mixed feelings about this position. She hates to get a punishment spanking like this, but she likes the position for erotic spanking and making love when we want to do a little dominant/submissive role-playing.

Since her position had been reversed, I could stand in the same spot and swing the strap the same way, but it would be my forehand striking her left thigh and my backhand striking her right thigh. This time my goal was to turn the color of her inner thighs from the shade of red they were now to a darker, deeper red.

I started on her left thigh, and she jumped so badly on the first stroke that she almost fell off the ottoman. I guess I surprised her, since in this position she couldn’t see me at all. I started working my way up with the strap, striking just enough times to get the desired color, and then moving on. By the time I was half way up her thigh, Sharon was in sheer agony. She screamed, she cried, she shook her head, she wiggled her butt, and she pleaded for me to stop. I finished the left side, and began on the right side with my backhanded swing. Her screaming was nonstop now. “Just a couple more minutes, sweetheart, and we’ll be all done,” I said, but I’m not sure she was able to hear me over her screams.

I speeded up my strokes a little so we could finish faster. I aimed the last spank well below her crotch, but because of my hurry and the fact that my backhand wasn’t so accurate, it landed right on her pussy. She immediately reached back with her right hand and tried to sooth the spot. I told her we were finished, and helped her to her feet. She seemed as weak as a kitten as she tried to stand. I put one arm under her knees and the other arm under her shoulders and lifted her up into the air, before she fell down. I rocked her back and forth for a couple of minutes as she quieted down, and then told her that the last stroke had been an accident, and that I was very sorry. She turned her face up to me and said, “That’s ok, Bob, I know you didn’t mean to do that.”

When I thought she had recovered enough to stand on her own, I slowly and gently put her down. She surprised the hell out of me by immediately reaching around me with both arms and giving me a big bear hug. She was still crying, tears were flowing down both cheeks, but somehow or other she seemed happy. Jane came over and we had a three-way hug that seemed to last forever. I kissed Sharon on her wet cheek, Sharon kissed Jane, I kissed Jane, Jane kissed Sharon, Sharon kissed me, and then Jane planted a big sloppy one right on my mouth. Before the hug was over, all three of us were crying. Finally, Sharon looked me right in the eye and quietly said, “Thank you for spanking me, Bob. I think it’s really going to help.”

“I hope so, Sharon, for your sake, for David’s sake, and for the sake of you marriage.”

We stood around holding hands and talking for several minutes. After a while, I felt it was time for me to resume my role in the spanking. “Sharon, you have already thanked me for your spanking and that is one of the rituals that Jane and I follow after a spanking. However, there's one more ritual you need to perform before you go home.”

I took Sharon’s hand and led her over to a part of the wall next to the TV set. I stopped about three feet from the wall and told her, “Put your hands behind your head. Now bend over until your back is parallel to the floor. Arch you back some more so that your little bottom sticks out further. That’s it. Now stay just like that while Jane and I watch the late night news. After that, I’ll give you a ride home. We’ll bring your car over to your house in the morning on our way to work. Now don’t make me come back over here to correct your position,” I teased as I gave her a slap on the right buttock.

She jumped as if she had been struck by lightning. I guess she wasn’t expecting that. However, she quickly got back into the correct position, but she must have thought I was serious because she said, “Yes, sir, I won’t make you come over here again.”

That was the first time in her life she had ever called me, “Sir,” but somehow it seemed fitting tonight.

When the news went off twenty-five minutes later, Sharon’s legs were shaking and it was obvious that she was having trouble keeping her butt stuck out that much. I quickly went over to her and kept her steady as she straightened up. “Ok, my brave young lass, let’s get you home.”

“Can I use the rest room, first,” she pleaded just like a little first grade girl might ask her teacher.

“Of course, Sharon,” I answered.

She sprinted down the hallway to the bathroom. I guess she had needed to go pee the whole time I had her bent over by the TV. Either she had been too embarrassed to ask, or maybe she thought I wouldn’t allow it during the ritual. I laughed inside at the thought of her trying desperately to hold it in, while sticking out her behind. Poor girl, she must have been about to urinate on the floor.

Jane helped Sharon put on her skirt and blouse when she returned from the bathroom. That was all she wanted to put back on, she said. I guess she was figuring on sleeping in the nude anyway, so why get dressed. I put away the ottoman, the paddle, and the strap while Sharon put on her shoes. When I returned I asked, “Want to come with us, Jane?”

“No, I’ll just stay here and get ready for bed,” she said with a twinkle in her eye. If she was half as turned on as I was, there wasn’t going to be much sleeping going on in this house tonight. We would be using the time for much more enjoyable activities, some of which might even include a little playful spanking.

I escorted Sharon to my car and suggested that she lie down on her stomach in the back. She thought that was a great idea and soon was in position. She and David live less than two miles from us, and at this time of night there was no traffic. During the short drive, she again thanked me for taking the time to give her a proper spanking. I reiterated that I really didn’t think just the one spanking would do the trick. She might be good for weeks or even months, but sooner or later, she was going to bounce a check or use that credit card. The first time that happened, she should call me at once and set up a spanking. For one bounced check or one credit card charge the spanking wouldn’t need to be as long or as severe as tonight. Jane firmly believes that frequent light spankings are much better than an infrequent severe spanking.

Then I warned her that she needed to keep David informed of any transgressions as well. He should look at the bank statement and the credit card statement as soon as they arrived in the mail. If he found a bounced check or a credit card transaction she hadn’t already told him about, she would get two spankings from me on two nights in a row - one for the bad behavior and one for hiding it from David.

Next, I told her that she could tell David as much or as little about the details of tonight’s spanking as she wanted. If David asked Jane or me anything about it, we would just refer him to Sharon since we felt that this was very private information. Of course, we had asked David to come over with her tonight, but he had declined. He could certainly attend the next spanking with or without Sharon’s permission if he wanted.

When we got to Sharon’s house, David was waiting outside. Jane had called and told him we were on the way. David and I shook hands, and then he and Sharon embraced. She started crying again and said between sobs, “Oh, honey, it was so horrible. But I really do think it’s going to help me change my behavior.”

“I really hope so, my love, Let me see your behind,” David said.

Right there on the porch, Sharon faced the street and lifted her skirt in the back. The porch light provided plenty of light to highlight the sorry state of her behind.

David said, “Wow, you have really been spanked. I was right to send you to Bob, because I could never have done that to you.”

I quickly discussed the follow up details Sharon had agreed to – about the “refresher” spanking if she did what she had promised not to do and about the double spanking if she kept it hidden. David nodded and was perfectly agreeable to those arrangements

Finally, I gave Sharon a quick hug and a light kiss on the cheek. I said, “I hope the two of you will still come over for supper Friday night as planned. But maybe we should forego going out to the movies for Sharon’s sake. I’ll rent us a DVD thriller instead, and I’ll get out this big fluffy pillow we have for such occasions.”

David laughed and Sharon looked embarrassed but both said that yes, they would be there.

As I drove back home, I fantasized about all the things Jane and I could do when I got home. I’m happy to report that almost every one of those fantasies came true that very night. So that’s the story of the night I spanked my wife’s best friend.
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Username: cherrie

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Posted on Sunday, May 27, 2007 - 11:02 am:   Edit Post

well written Claudmc.
"Love is like a butterfly, a sweet and gentle thing"
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Username: traderlee

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Posted on Tuesday, January 08, 2008 - 02:02 am:   Edit Post

Very good story. I liked it a lot. .....Trader Lee
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