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Sarah at Woodfield Castle - Chapter 1...

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Username: claudmc

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Posted on Saturday, June 23, 2007 - 01:51 pm:   Edit Post

Sarah at Woodfield Castle

Chapter 18 – The Spanking Shed

I woke up Saturday morning with a very sore behind. My mother had given me an old-fashioned blistering with that belt of Edward’s. I had been sexually excited after the spanking and joined Edward as soon as my sisters were asleep. His rubbing helped some, but we didn’t have any of the special lotions or creams used at Woodfield. We made love with me on top, but he couldn’t help squeezing my butt from time to time, which both hurt and excited me.

When we were all sitting around the table at breakfast the next morning, my mother announced that my three sisters were going over to a friend’s house for the day and wouldn’t be back until late in the evening. I was glad because I really wanted to talk to Meredith about some intimate things, but didn’t think she would want to do so in front of my sisters.

After we cleared the table and washed the dishes, my sisters left. Before I could speak to my mother, she said, “Sarah, I know you must have a lot of questions to ask me. First, let me tell you a story that may clear up a lot of the confusion. You and Edward sit down while I make us some tea.”

I sat on the small yellow pillow I brought down from upstairs. My mother served the tea and joined us at the table. Her brow wrinkled with thought as she prepared to tell her story. She began by saying, “I don’t think I need to say much about my life at Woodfield because I’m sure it was the same as what you are experiencing. I learned many useful skills and a received a good academic foundation. I worked as a servant and studied as a pupil each day. The master, his family, teachers, other employees, servants, and even other students spanked me regularly. Occasionally I spanked other students. The master, his brothers, and several employees made love to me whenever they wanted. Does that agree with your experiences there?”

I don’t know why but when my mother started talking about spankings and making love, I got very embarrassed. We had never talked about things like this before. “Yes,” I said shyly, “that pretty much covers it. Did you have to wear a short shift with no underwear and turn it up in the back after a spanking?”

“Not exactly, but we had to wear something similar. It was a blouse and a short skirt with no underwear. Sometimes they would turn up our skirt, other times we had to take it off. Sometimes we had to take off our blouse as well. After a spanking, we couldn’t wear out skirt until the next meal. I can see that a shift would be much easier to take on and off.”

“Why didn’t you tell me what I was getting into when you let me go off to Woodfield,” I demanded.

She looked down at the floor for a minute then said, “Just let me keep telling my story and I think you’ll understand. Your father, Charles, lived in Northridge and often brought supplies to the castle. He knew all about the life of students at Woodfield. I guess everyone in Northridge did. During my last year, we met at a party and wanted to see more of each other. We soon fell in love and he started coming to the castle as often as he could to see me. I went to Northridge and stayed with him almost every weekend. As you know, we were wed as soon as I left Woodfield.”

Edward entered the conversation at this point. “I don’t know if you remember me, but I saw you often before you left Woodfield. I thought you were the most beautiful woman in the world.”

“You were only five when I left, but I remember you as being the smartest child I had ever seen,” Meredith answered. “I also remember the day I had to go to your father’s house for a spanking. Right near the end when I was crying and screaming the most, I noticed you hiding behind a curtain and watching the whole thing. I was so stunned and embarrassed I think I quit crying for a while.”

Edward laughed. “I was never sure if you saw me or not. I glad you didn’t tell my father because if you had, you would have seen me getting my butt burned too.”

I sat there looking at the two of them like they were strangers. Who were these people? The idea that they had known each other before I was born had never entered my mind.

Meredith continued, “Anyway, I left Woodfield and married Charles. He could have kept his job and we could have lived in Northridge. But with the money he had saved and the money I received when I left the castle, we were able to buy this land near Suddock, build this house, and open the candle-making shop in town.”

“Our years together were heavenly. We laughed, we played, the house was finished right on schedule, and the shop started making a profit the second month. We made love almost every night and erotic spankings were a big part of that. We continued the Woodfield tradition of punishment spankings when I needed one. I remember one time I lost my temper and screamed at a customer about something and Charles didn’t wait until we got home to spank me. He closed up the shop and gave me a spanking right there in the store. I’m sure the whole village heard. I couldn’t look anyone in the face for a week.”

“Sarah, you’re probably wondering why you never saw or heard me getting a spanking. When you were a baby, we would wait until you were asleep and then go out on the porch. With the door to your room closed and the front door closed, we seldom woke you up. When you got older, I would put you on the floor with a toy during my spankings. If the punishment was going to be severe, I would wet a rag and put it in my mouth.”

“When Rose was born, we had many serious talks about my years at Woodfield and how they might affect our children. We decided that life there was so unusual that it would be best to keep the spanking and love making details hidden. We wanted you and Rose to have a normal childhood and develop normal ideas about men and women. We determined to punish you with only hand spankings, nothing more severe. We never wanted you children to see me getting a spanking. That last decision was the hardest to make happen until Charles came up with a clever idea – he built a spanking shed.”

“A spanking shed? What happened to it,” I asked with great confusion.

“It’s still out there where it always was. We just called it a garden shed,” she answered with a grin. “It does have a few garden tools in it.”

The light finally started to dawn for me. The lock, the high windows, and the command never to get near the shed started to make sense. I recalled the times my father would leave for town and then my mother said she needed to do some gardening. The shed was right on the way to Suddock and several trees hid it from the house. It would have been easy for my father to enter it, and then for my mother to join him without us knowing. My mother often returned from gardening with red eyes. But she always said pollen had gotten into them, or a bee had stung her, or she got dirt in her eyes. Our parents sometimes sent us to a neighbor’s house right after they had an argument. My father would say they needed to talk in private. Sometimes my mother wouldn’t sit down for a meal, just saying that she wanted to stand up. When we were older, they would leave us in charge of the shop while they went home to do some chores. It was hard to believe but I could now see how my mother was spanked all the time I was growing up without me ever knowing.

“So that’s how we hid my spankings,” she continued. “When you became a young woman, Sarah, I didn’t want to explain about my love making experiences, but I planned to tell you the normal things a mother tells her daughter about sex. But your father died before I had that talk and I just never seemed to get around to it afterwards. By the time you were fifteen, I figured you had picked up the basic facts from other girls and would pass them on to your sisters. It wasn’t until after you left for Woodfield that I discovered none of your sisters knew a thing about the subject. One evening I sat down with all three of them and did what I should have done years before.”

“I never wanted any of you girls to go to the castle,” my mother said. “I thought Charles and I would let all of you live with us until you were ready to marry and start a family. But as you know, Charles’ death caused us a great financial hardship. I managed to hold on for four years with our savings, but it began to look like I would have to sell the store or our land to survive. In desperation, I wrote Sir John and asked if you could become a student at Woodfield. He sent Edward to interview you and the rest is history. The monthly payments from him have allowed me to keep all our property.”

I nodded in silence and just sat there for a long time. It was a lot to digest all at once. After a while, I went over to Meredith, gave her a big hug, and said, “I had thirteen wonderful years with two great parents. Then after Charles died, I felt you and I developed a special bond. You took good care of us and I knew very little about any financial difficulties. You were a great mother and I wouldn’t want to change anything about you.”

By this time, we were sobbing on each other’s shoulder. Edward came over and put his arms around both of us. When we finished crying, I continued, “The first few months at Woodfield were confusing and shocking. I was frightened most of the time, but I adapted quickly. I learned a lot, made many friends, and matured as a woman. I soon found myself loving my life there. I’m so glad you sent me.”

This caused a new round of crying but they were all tears of joy. I felt closer to my mother than ever before. We had so much in common now. When we stood up, my mother announced, “I feel like cooking us a great lunch. And afterwards I want to show you two the spanking shed.”

Edward and I got our horses and I took him on a trip around Suddock. I showed him several scenic spots and we stopped off to visit a close friend of mine. She was delighted to find out I was going to get married and seemed to think Edward was wonderful. We got back to the house just as my mother was setting out lunch. We talked a lot more about Woodfield and my mother’s life while I was growing up. Meredith told me some funny stories about Sir John. He was thirteen when she got there and sixteen when she left.

She got embarrassed as she confessed there was a time when John was spanking her weekly just so he could see her naked. She thought about telling the master, but his spankings weren’t hard and they excited her more than they hurt, so she let him continue. I grinned and told her about the time David switched me in the woods, and that when it was over I wished he were older.

After lunch, we headed for the spanking shed. My mother remarked, “I try to stay away from this building as much as possible. Since Charles only used it for punishment spankings, just walking there now is making me nervous. I feel flush and have butterflies in my stomach.”

When we got there, my mother took out a key and opened the padlock on the door. Stepping inside, I was amazed at how much was in the room. One small area had a few gardening tools, just as my mother had said. There was an area for woodworking and another for working with leather. In one corner, there was a bed with an assortment of pillows and cushions on it. In the center of the room, there was a table and two chairs, a small sofa, and a funny shaped bench. On one wall was an assortment of spanking implements including paddles and straps in all shapes and sizes, and a couple of canes. Even though the windows were high, they were large and let in a lot of sunlight.

Edward and I walked around the room examining each item. “Did my father make all these paddles and straps,” I asked.

“Yes, he built the room and made all the wooden and leather items himself. He was very good with tools,” she said as tears began to form.

“That’s a nice spanking bench he created,” Edward commented. “I’ve never seen one like it.”

“Yes,” she laughed as she wiped away the tears. “That was custom built for me. Take as long as you want to look around, but when you two are done please take a seat at the table. I need to have a serious talk with Edward.”

I thought that was an odd comment, but continued looking at all the items. Some of the paddles looked almost new, while others seemed like they had been used many times. I noticed that the spanking bench had leather cuffs for wrists and ankles. After several more minutes, Edward and I sat down in the two chairs and my mother dragged a workbench over for her to sit on.

“This isn’t a sudden decision just because we visited this place,” she began. “In fact, I’ve been thinking about it ever since I knew Edward was coming. I always felt that being subject to discipline from Charles was a good thing for me. I developed many bad habits as I grew up and his spankings certainly helped with those. But it also made me feel safe that he was in charge and wanted what was best for me, even if sometimes I didn’t. He never gave me a spanking I didn’t deserve. Sometimes I didn’t think so at the time, but on reflection, he was right. I knew there would be consequences for bad behavior and bad decisions.”

“He cured me of one of my worse habits before you were even born, Sarah. I became too fond of spirits while at Woodfield. After getting married and moving to Suddock, I still had a problem with wine. I couldn’t get enough of it and didn’t know when to stop. There were a few times when I was too drunk to get up and go to work. I even stole money from our business to buy wine when he was out of town. We both realized this was a serious problem, and so he started spanking me anytime he found spirits in the house or the shop. And if he caught me actually drinking, he was even more severe. A few months of that regimen and I quit drinking completely. Even now the sight of wine is repulsive.”

I related my own story about stealing wine at Woodfield and how Mary had cured me with one horrible spanking.

Meredith continued. “Ever since Charles died, I’ve found myself slipping back into some of those bad behaviors and decisions. For example, last month I lost my temper so badly with a customer that I’m sure she will never return. And Charles would not have let me get away with avoiding the sex talk. Now that I receive a large payment from Sir John each month, I should be saving some of it. But I don’t. I’m often cross with the girls for no good reason. The list is long.”

“What I’m leading up to is that I want Edward to give me a very severe punishment spanking for all the bad things I’ve done during the past five years.”

I looked over at Edward and saw that he had figured out what was coming. However, it was a complete surprise to me. She wanted Edward to spank her! A very severe punishment spanking she had said. I figured it was between Edward and her, so I just sat there and tried to decide what I thought about it. If something happened to Edward, there would still be plenty of people at the castle to spank me. But what if I was married and Edward was the only one who ever spanked me. Would I feel a need to find someone else to spank me if I lost him?

“I understand what you are saying, Meredith,” Edward finally answered. “There are several widows living at Woodfield who still come to John or me for an occasional spanking. I will agree to spank you if you are sure that’s what you want.”

“Thank you, Edward. I feel sure that I need a spanking.”

“Tell me what you think a severe punishment spanking would be like,” he asked.

“During my worst spankings from Charles, he would use several different implements with a short time of recovery between them. He would usually start with the less hurtful straps and proceed to the more painful paddles or even the cane on occasion. If a spanking were going to be severe, it would happen Friday evening so I would have the weekend to recover. The worst spanking I remember left me sore and marked for over a week.”

Edward replied, “It seems to me that a spanking to cover five years of misbehavior should use five implements including my hand. Does that sound fair to you?”

“Yes,” she answered after a long moment of silence.

“We can start now and continue as long as we need to. You will have Sunday to recover. I’ll let you choose which implements to use and in what order to employ them. You can take as long between sessions as you want, just so we finish before your girls return. Once we start, you can’t change your mind. Do you agree to all of this?”

“Yes, that sounds like a good plan. And even if I plead and beg you to stop, I know I need you to continue until the end. “I do ask for one exception. If Sarah thinks you have gone too far and should stop, you will listen to her.”

“Of course,” Edward said. “Sarah has seen and received severe punishments and I trust her judgment. Let’s get started.”

He pulled one of the chairs out from under the table, moved it to a clear area, and sat down. Meredith moved to his right side and started to bend over his lap. He stopped her as he said, “Haven’t you forgotten something?”

Meredith gave him a questioning look as if she didn’t understand. Edward gave her a moment to think and then answered his own question, “The entire spanking will be in the nude of course.”

My mother’s hand flew to her mouth. She had a stricken look on her face as she said, “Charles just bared my bottom. I haven’t had a spanking while naked since I left the castle.”

“Well, you’re about to have one now, so get that dress off,” he commanded sternly.

Meredith looked at me with eyes full of fear as I realized I had never seen her naked. She had compensated for all the nudity at Woodfield with strict modesty around her family. “Do I have to, Edward,” she pleaded in a small girlish voice as she shifted nervously from foot to foot.

“Yes, you have to take it all off or I’ll take it off for you.”

With shaking hands, she lifted her dress over her head. I was shocked to see that she wore no underwear. Of course, she immediately tried to cover herself with her arms, but Edward would have none of that and even made her slowly turn all the way around. I was amazed at how great her body looked. She was still a beautiful women and her body matched her good looks. Her breasts were firm, her stomach was flat, her arms and legs looked strong. I ‘m sure her waist was larger than before she had children, but it was still small and trim Her hips were fuller than mine were, but they were still in nice proportion to the rest of her body. I noticed a lot of similarities between her breasts and buttocks and mine.

Edward commented, “Since you said I was five when you left the castle, you must be thirty-nine now. But I swear you look more like a twenty-nine year old or less. You are as beautiful as you ever were.”

All my mother could say while standing naked in front of us was, “Thank you, Edward.”

Up until this point, I think Meredith thought of herself as being in control of the spanking. It was her idea. She and Edward had mutually worked out the details. But now, control was slipping away. A look of panic filled her eyes as she realized Edward was in complete charge now. Since she just kept standing there, Edward took her arm and gently helped her to position herself over his lap. He stroked her back and behind to get her to relax. Finally, with her arms extended and her toes touching the floor, he delivered the first hard smack.


It was much louder than I was expecting. It reverberated off the wooden walls. It must have been more painful than my mother was expecting also. She jerked and let out a small yip. I noticed that it left a small pink spot on her behind.

Slap! Slap! Slap!

The blows continued slowly, alternating from one buttock to the other. Charles was spanking her very hard right from the beginning.

Slap! Slap! Slap!

By now, he had worked his way from the top to the bottom of her butt. The whole area had assumed a rosy glow. I wondered if he was going to spank her thighs, but he continued to limit the swats to her bottom. Meredith was starting to squirm; her derriere was heating up quickly and becoming more uncomfortable every second. I was amazed that she wasn’t crying yet.

Slap! Slap! Slap!

The tears burst forth like a dam breaking. Soon she was sobbing uncontrollably. “Please, Edward, not so hard. That really hurts,” she pleaded.

Slap! Slap! Slap!

She was starting to struggle now. One time she brought her hand back, so Edward gave her five solid smacks on the thighs. Her hand flew back to where it belonged. Another time she bent her legs up and she got five more hard swats on the thighs for that. Her toes went back to the floor and stayed there. With no words passing between them, Edward had made the rules for this spanking clear to her.

Slap! Slap! Slap!

Finally, she lay limp over his lap, all the fight got out of her. Edward spanked her for another minute then stopped and let her catch her breath before helping her to stand. She went over to the bed and lay on her stomach, as she must have done many times for Charles. She was still crying when I sat down beside her and took her hand. “That was a hard spanking and you took it very well,” I told her. “You were brave for someone who hadn’t been spanked in five years.”

“It really hurt, Sarah,” she sobbed. “I don’t know if I’ll be able to take the rest of the spankings.”

I didn’t tell her that she had no choice. I just held her hand and rubbed her behind as if she was someone at the castle instead of my mother. “Rest while I soothe the burning and you’ll soon be ready.”

That was the first spanking. She still had four to go.
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Posted on Sunday, June 24, 2007 - 07:59 pm:   Edit Post

Thanks for sharing with us. I'll try to get caught up on my reading soon.
Kaytee :-)


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I like it, as usual...........Trader Lee
"If it works, don't fix it."
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Posted on Tuesday, June 26, 2007 - 02:51 pm:   Edit Post

Great chapter. I really like this story.

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